7 characteristic of Doremi


All lessons are taught by experienced native teachers
Not only knowledge such as "growing vegetables in the garden garden"
"going to the zoo" "playing the piano"
We mainly focus on experiential learning such as "see, touch, feel" ♪
I cultivate interest and curiosity from various experiences,
I will develop confidence from a small success experience ♪


Bilingual teachers are also available
Besides English, addition and subtraction,
writing of characters, etc., I will also educate the contents from elementary school.
"Learning habits can be done"
"Even at elementary school experiences got used" and it is popular


Strengthen the 4 abilities (hearing, reading, speaking, and writing)
Educate with a native lecturer and a bilingual instructor on a two-person system
We will nurture the four abilities in a balanced manner


Many exciting curriculums performed in the yard
There are two (grand · rooftop) large garden gardens in the school.
Therefore, outside play is safe because there is no movement


Many events held such as athletic meets and presentations
From the idea that I want you to learn living English,
Not only events such as Christmas parties and Halloween,
We have various events such as athletic meetings,
concerts and entrance garden ceremonies


School bus, School lunch, School yard available!
We are picking up and dropping by school bus at Doremi Garden.
It is safe to pick up and transfer to the nearest


Academic achievement with 4 hour daycare! High past educational results!
As shown in the table on the right, in Doremi Garden, many of our graduates go on to
famous national and private elementary schools every year.
Also in Eiken tests I have supported the achievements of passing grade 2
for elementary school students and class 4 for kindergartens.

Acceptance record

★Acceptance record to several national and private schools
・University of Tukuba High school・Ochanomizu University High School・Tokyo Gakugai University Oizumi High School

・Waseda Jitsugyo・Seikei High School・Seijo Gakuen・Sacred Heart School in Tokyo・Tokyo Jogakkan・ etc.
★Acceptance record to several international elementary schools
・Aoba-Japan International School
・K. International School Tokyo・ etc.
★Educating toddlers who score 100 point on the junior ESOL test
★ESOL test records
・ESOL Level 2 (3rd year elementary)・ESOL semi Level 2 (2nd year elementary)
・ESOL Level 3 (3rd year elementary)
・ESOL Level 4 and 5 (upper elementary, 1st year elementary) etc

We also have several other records

Reception time
Monday to Saturday



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