Effectively utilize the school-age children's after school hours
We will build a foundation for English 4 skills learning
It has become a lesson structure to progressively increase.
It is fun from the elementary school students right now,
but it will be better to keep your English proficient
It will be a great force for the future of children in the future.

  • Many middle school English exams schools are increasing.
  • There is also a school which the graduate who gains the Eikeni grade 2 handles it in the returning frame.
  • There are many schools that have preferential treatment due to English qualification even in high school and university entrance examinations.
  • In fact, some faculties are unable to obtain entrance exams without an English proficiency qualification.
  • In college entrance examinations, English is the most important subject from the height of the score.
  • Children who are good at English are able to compete with good subjects.
  • It will be an application from 5 lessons twice a week. Selection formula from week 2 to week 5
Benefits of schoolchild class
  • schoolchild members can also attend the Saturday class.
  • We are picking up from nearby elementary school and home nearby two or more nearest areas.
Main lesson content
  • Game & exercise class to give communication skills
  • Advance English Conversation Class
  • Reading and writing skills, vocabulary reading classes (selectable by level)
  • Eiken class for Eiken test
  • Saturday class of comprehensive vocabulary training teaching
  • English world geography class (I introduce the country from various angles, the view to the world expands)
  • English sword class
  • We also have basic English classes and English gymnastics classes.
  • * Piano and violin lessons are also available as options. For details, please contact us.

Price list

Target age 3 years ~ middle school student
The day of the week Monday - Saturday
The day of the week 15:00Y
Lesson fee

Membership fee・・・・・・¥25,750(Only at entry)
Annual teaching material cost・・・・・・¥15,450(Once a year)
The price includes consumption tax, utility fee, snack fee, and school maintenance fee.

Monthly charge

Monthly charge (1H)¥7,365 (1H)¥11,021 (1H)¥14,708

Reception time
Monday to Saturday



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