You can choose the course that suits your child's age and interests!

2 to 6 years olds

Preschool CLASSES

Preschool CLASSES

Children learn to become independent from their parents and learn social skills.
Having fun playing and learning English with native teachers, the children feel safe and secure in the loving atomosphere at Doremi.
Our curriculum engages and helps the children to grow emotionally, academically and socially.
We also foster the children's individual interests.
We have songtime daily where children learn songs and dances.
The children learn how to communicate and interact in English while developing and nurturing growth and skills.


3 years ~ middle school students

Afternoon CLASSES

Afternoon CLASSES

We have many exciting events like monthly field trips, sports days and holiday events.
Children who finish all the preschool classes have confidence and a good command of English.
We offer afternoon English classes for all levels of students age 3 through middle school.
Various classes focus on different English skills.
Please ask for details.

  • $Bec%5(B Children who want to acquire a strong foundation with English.
  • $Bec%5(B Those who want to have English ability to talk freely with native speakers.
  • $Bec%5(B Children Eiken / Children who wish to pass English examination.

Elementary school student

Elementary CLASSES

Elementary CLASSES

There are English classes for elementary school students. We have extensive classes according to age and level, and we will recommend to you the best course according to your requests purpose and skill level. For those who are busy on weekdays, we also have a Saturday class.

  • $Bec%5(B Elementary school students wanting to learn English.
  • $Bec%5(B Children wanting to acquire the basics of English before entering junior high school.
  • $Bec%5(B Those who want to acquire English ability to talk freely with native speakers.

2 to 6 years old

Saturday CLASSES

Saturday CLASSES

Children are taught pronunciation and phonics. On sunny days, we will do use activities in the garden and experiential learning lessons. We do seasonal crafts, events, Halloween party and a Christmas party as well! Saturday class members can participate only on Saturdays but minutes can be transferred during the summer school period. New elementary school class starts! We are recruiting students.


1 year 6 months to 2 years old



This is for very young children and their Motherswihch stimulates "heart, mind, body". It is indispensable for childhood growth. English will be with picture books and fun.

  • $Bec%5(B Children who want to acquire a foundation in English
  • $Bec%5(B Those who want to acquire English ability to talk freely with native speakers

Other special programs available

Mammy English

English Conversation class for mothers

Hawaii short term study abroad$Be`(Bprogram

Program of
Short-term studying abroad
in Hawaii


English interview
Presentation compatible lessons
Short term lessons before the exam

Reception time
Monday to Saturday


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