Doremi Garden Preschool International

We offer the best course to meet your child's level and needs.
We have rolling admission that enables you to join anytime.

1 year 6 months to 2 years old



It is a program with parents in a balanced manner that stimulates "heart, mind, body" which is indispensable for childhood growth. You will have familiarity with English with picture books and fun.
This class stimulates the heart, mind, and body in a balanced manner.This is fun introduction to English for Mothers and babies.

2 to 6 years old

Preschool CLASS


Apart from parents for the first time, I will get used to group life. Let's enjoy playing in English with your teacher and friends, enjoying it in English, and love you. It is a program that maximizes the interests of children.
These classes teach emotional and social as well as some academics to preschool children in a fun and engaging currisulum.

3 years ~ middle school student

Afternoon CLASSES

We offer afternoon classes for children in kindergarten through Jr.high school.
The children are immersed in English and learn listening, reading and writing skills.
There are various classes available.

Afternoon CLASSES

2 to 6 years old


Toddlers and babies learn English from a Native English Teacher with mommy.
On sunny days, we will do activities in the garden and experiential learning lessons. We do seasonal crafts, events, Halloween parties, Christmas parties as well! Saturday class members can participate only on Saturdays but minutes can be transferred during the summer school period.


7 foundations of doremi

Passed achievements

★Acceptance record to several national and private schools
·University of Tsukuba High school·Ochanomizu University High School
·Tokyo Gakugei University Oizumi High School·Waseda Jitsugyo·Seikei High School
·Seijo Gakuen·Sacred Heart School in Tokyo·Tokyo Jogakkan· etc.
★Acceptance record to several international elementary schools
·Aoba-Japan International School
·K. International School Tokyo· etc.
★Many students passed 100 points on EIKEN Jr.
★EIKEN test records
·EIKEN grade 2 (3rd year of elementary)·EIKEN grade pre 2 (2nd year of elementary)
·EIKEN grade 3 (3rd year of elementary)
·EIKEN grade 4 and 5 ( the third year of pre-school, 1st year of elementary) etc

We also have many other records


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Doremi Garden Preschool International

Long time English conversation in Ikebukuro / Kanamecho / Senkawa / Preschool
Doremi Garden Preschool International


Doremi Garden Preschool International is an international school for children from the age of 18 months

For children living in the 21st century, Doremi Garden will deliver a genuine International oriented education that will prepare them for an increasingly global and multi-cultural world. We believe learning English is essential for raising open-minded and internationally focused hearts and minds..

The nearest station is Kanamecho station
which is just south of Ikebukuro station on the Yurakucho Line.
It is located near Takamatsu Elementary School. Please come and visit.

Come, please come and visit once ♪(B

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Reception time
Monday to Saturday


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